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Bitcoin sports betting BC.Game is an online gambling platform that has been around since 2017. While it offers a range of features, such as safe bets, multiple cryptocurrencies, and a variety of games, it's important to note that these are the company's own claims and may not necessarily reflect the reality.

In this article, we aim to provide you with useful information about sports betting and share some tips to help you make successful bets. We will also provide an overview of the sports betting page, including its key features and how to navigate it.

At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide whether is the right platform for your needs. We hope that the information provided in this article will help you make an informed decision.

Betting on any sport in bitcoin with

Betting on any sport in bitcoin with is a place where you can place bets quickly and conveniently using any available cryptocurrency. The site offers more than 40 different sports clusters, including esports. The operator uses a logical structure and various filters for search: a specific event, its popularity among bettors, live broadcasts, participating countries, sports type, and much more. Use such filters if you want to find a specific event.

Sports betting at has a rich selection of popular sports. However, more non-standard options will also be presented. You will have access to football, tennis (both big and table), cricket, American and Australian football, handball, volleyball, baseball, rugby, boxing. Or you can try less popular but interesting options: snooker, water polo, ball hockey, floorball, squash, lacrosse, darts, and others.

The assortment also includes offers from the field of esports. For example, gaming sessions in Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, and others. Choose the sport that interests you the most and place your first bets.

The popularity of Bitcoin betting

With each passing year, more and more users on the online platform are choosing to place their sports bets with BTC. This is due to the fact that the cryptocurrency itself is actively strengthening its position in our modern world. It is widely accessible and has a number of special advantages, such as:

The main concept of's work is based on the advantages listed above. The operator aims to satisfy as many of its audience's needs and desires as possible, creating a safe place for comfortable betting and easy leisure. Register on the site and see for yourself.

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How do Bitcoin sports betting attract people?

How do Bitcoin sports betting attract people?

Bitcoin sports betting from attracts people because of the company's image as a reliable and high-quality place for betting, which users choose. In addition to offering safe bitcoin betting, the platform has other distinctive features, including:

Detailed analytics

Those who regularly place bets on sports events understand the importance of detailed analytics. Based on such statistics, you can confidently make decisions that you believe are right. This contributes to thoughtful actions and trains responsible attitudes towards sports betting.

On the website, you will find all the detailed information about the event if you click directly on it. Then a full page will open, which will include an animated match tracker, special categories with markers for bets, technical information about the nuances of the game, and much more that can influence your decision when placing a bet.

A blog with useful information

One additional advantage of the online platform is a specialized blog with useful information. There, you can find materials on various topics, such as investing, BTC news, the best Bitcoin casinos, and much more.

Such a blog will be useful for all players who want to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency betting in general, improve their game strategy, and learn more about gambling and sports betting. All blog materials are written by professionals in their field, so you are guaranteed to find an interesting and useful article.

Handy app

You can also download the official mobile application and have round-the-clock access to all functionality. It is available for smartphones with Android and IOS operating systems.

The application is designed for minimum necessary parameters, so for a trouble-free and quick download, you only need free RAM and the latest operating system update (preferably to the latest version).

Online chat with live people online

You can communicate with other players via the online chat available directly on the website. You can find it on the main page in the upper right corner of the screen (it will have a special text message symbol).

In the chat, you can start communicating with a circle of people who definitely share your interest in betting. Therefore, you can confidently ask specialized questions, ask for advice, or talk about your gaming experience. The online chat operates under special rules of conduct and etiquette, so be sure to familiarize yourself with them before starting a dialogue.

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BC.GAME, the world's leading crypto gambling platform, is offering you, our loyal players, not 1, but 4 deposit bonuses.
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Bitcoin betting on top matches

The homepage of offers secure sports betting, detailed predictions, and high-quality analytics. As soon as you open the homepage, you will receive a detailed schedule of all planned events. The deadline, or the time it starts, will be located to the left of each event.

The most popular matches (usually live broadcasts) will be at the top of the list. These will be the events that most players paid attention to. Top matches and championships will also be formatted in a short list to the left of the screen.

Popular betting types

Popular types of bets include:

In addition, there are such bets as "Trixi", "Patent", "Yankee", "Canadian", "Heinz", "Super Heinz", "Goliath", and others. Each of them has its own peculiarities. You can find out more about types of bets on the website.

Schedule of upcoming matches

The main sports betting page will include a detailed schedule of upcoming matches for the next few days. They will be presented in the format of a long list, however, you can use filters and select events from a specific category.

Betting tournament from operator constantly updates its page so that you can receive the most up-to-date tournaments and matches every day. The operator uses a live streaming system, so you can directly observe how the situation develops on the playing field. Each of your bets on any tournament can bring good leisure and pleasant payouts.

Bitcoin betting on live matches

Bitcoin betting on live matches is an exciting experience. You can find such matches on the operator's page, as they are marked with a distinctive red live broadcast icon. You can also use the automatic sorting filter to quickly find them. Watch the game, analyze the situation, and make your decisions in real-time.

Information about upcoming matches

On the website, you can find information about upcoming matches, including those that will take place in the next few days. Each individual tab will have a special label where you can see the exact date and start time. It is recommended to study the start time of the match in advance to have time to place bets on desired scenarios before the actual start of the game. Additionally, the website offers live broadcasts and automatic sorting filters for Bitcoin betting on live matches.

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BC.GAME, the world's leading crypto gambling platform, is offering you, our loyal players, not 1, but 4 deposit bonuses.
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Unique match tracker from BTC

Unique match tracker from BTC

If you are serious about analyzing a match, then you should definitely check out the unique tracker developed by the BTC operator team. It's a graphical representation of the game field that animates with every movement of the ball. At the top, you will also see a scale of general information, such as player substitution, goal, or yellow card.

Tabs will also provide statistical data such as the probability of winning, previous meetings, average number of goals, league table, team composition, and much more. All the information is gathered in one place and will be at your fingertips during the event. Study the match tracker and make well-considered bets.


Betting on basic outcomes is fundamental to sports betting. In this tab, you will see markers such as the number of goals scored (1X2, both teams to score, and more), several types of totals, handicaps, the first probable goal, which team will concede, the total number of points, and much more.


Totals refer to the specific number of goals that teams score during a match. One total indicates the total number of goals scored by both teams combined, while an individual total indicates the specific number of goals scored by each team separately.


"Handicap betting" is an interesting indicator for betting, as it will be oriented towards the possible victory (or defeat) of a particular team with a certain number of goals scored.

Calculating a handicap is quite simple if you delve into the mechanism of how it works. You conditionally add (or subtract) a point from the team on which you are placing a bet. For example, a handicap in plus will indicate the need for a specific team to win with that key number (for example, +1).

Quick bets

Make quick bets in the special tab and instantly place your bets to make sure they play. For this, operator offers another additional feature - the "Quick bet" mode. It is located on the coupon tab and will look like a switch. Click on it and each of your decisions will be instantly processed.

Combo Markets

Combo markers are special sets of decisions that can bring good payouts to the player. They often combine several scenarios that may occur in the game. For example, 1x2 - both teams will score, 1x2 - total, and others. The main condition for winning on combo markers is that the bet must be fully played out with the fulfillment of the two specified conditions.

Bonus 270% on 1st Deposit up to $20,000 BCD at BC.GAME Crypto Casino!
BC.GAME, the world's leading crypto gambling platform, is offering you, our loyal players, not 1, but 4 deposit bonuses.
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Tips for beginners in betting from BTC

To ensure a safe and high-quality betting experience, it's important for beginners to carefully study game tips from The operator has its own specialized blog, where it publishes detailed analysis, strategy breakdowns, and trend evaluation in the sports betting and crypto casino cluster.

Users also have access to a separate forum and online chat on the official website, where players can ask questions, seek advice, share their practices, and more. Utilize such tools to improve your gaming methods.

Conduct analytics before betting on sports

Before placing sports bets, it's crucial to conduct thorough analytics of the game situation. With's quality tracker, you can access all the statistical information about the teams and the overall game trend. By analyzing this data, you'll be able to make informed and confident decisions that increase your chances of winning.

Allocate a specific amount of money

To make big winnings, good deposits are necessary. Don't forget about the bonuses you will receive when you deposit. Therefore, calculate your possibilities based on the amount that is on your gaming account. You can make several small bets on different outcomes. However, if you have conducted a detailed analysis of the situation and are fully confident in your decision, make big coupons. It is they who will bring high payouts in the future.

Bonus 270% on 1st Deposit up to $20,000 BCD at BC.GAME Crypto Casino!
BC.GAME, the world's leading crypto gambling platform, is offering you, our loyal players, not 1, but 4 deposit bonuses.
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What measures does take to ensure fair play and game integrity? rigorously implements advanced algorithms and fair play practices to maintain the integrity and fairness of all games, ensuring a trustworthy gaming environment for all players.

Can users set betting limits to promote responsible gaming on

Yes, offers players the option to set personal betting limits, enabling them to maintain control over their gaming activities and promote responsible gaming behavior.

How does protect the privacy and data of its users? employs cutting-edge encryption and data protection methods to safeguard the privacy and personal data of its users, ensuring all information remains confidential and secure.

Are there any loyalty or reward programs available for regular players at values its regular players and offers various loyalty and reward programs, including bonuses and exclusive offers, to appreciate and incentivize their continued patronage.

How does ensure a diverse and engaging gaming experience for its players? offers a wide array of games, including both traditional favorites and innovative new options, to cater to diverse player preferences and ensure a continuously engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.

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